Pure and Simple: A Modular Research Information System

Pure is an enterprise research management solution that aggregates an organization's research information from numerous internal and external sources into a single platform and ensures the data that drives strategic decisions is trusted, comprehensive and accessible in one place.

We want to ensure all clients have a Pure configuration that works for them, whether they are using it for research activity reporting, research networking, expertise profiling or national assessments.
To do this, we offer a flexible system that can be tailored to meet each university’s needs:

  • The Pure Modules: Besides the mandatory Administration Module, Pure offers the Reporting Module, the Pure Portal, the Import Module and the CV module as well as modules for Award Management and National Assessment (for select countries).
  • Pure Hosting Options: Pure is available as a cloud-based solution where Elsevier handles software maintenance. Pure can also be sold as a local installed solution.
  • Pure Services Options: With all Pure implementations, customers get access to the global training program, a custom start-up execution plan and Help Desk Support. More supervised implementation services are available, subject to availability.
  • Profile Refinement Services (PRS): An optional service to disambiguate a customer’s Scopus author profiles.
  • The Pure Community Module: This module facilitates the management of multi-institutional research projects, including data collation, analytics, reporting and showcasing.

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