Malaysia: Knowledge destination for research excellence

Discover how Malaysia is becoming a destination for research excellence

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Supported by a strong national investment in research, Malaysia is embarking on a path to become a knowledge-based economy. As this report shows, the nation has been highly productive in terms of its number of highly cited publications per spend on research & development.

In fact, Malaysia’s publication share is at least twice the global average in areas such as Business, Computer Science, Energy, and Finance, with high citation impact in Medicine, Physics & Astronomy, and Veterinary Science. This is accompanied by overall growth in research output and  impact, showing Malaysia’s increasing presence in the global research landscape..

Key findings in the report show:

  • Growing investment in R&D: Malaysia’s gross expenditure on research and development was $12 billion USD in 2018, with an increase of 50% since 2014.
  • Increasing presence in the QS World University Rankings: the number of Malaysian institutions in the rankings rose from six in the 2016 rankings to 20 in the 2020 rankings.
  • Malaysia as an attractive knowledge and research destination for international faculty and students, and especially for highly prolific and impactful researchers that come from English-speaking countries on a short-term basis.

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