Embracing the REF: Supporting research excellence in the UK and beyond

This paper looks at the role played by Elsevier over the past decade as data provider and partner in a number of prestigious rankings, customized reports and national assessment exercises. As a central case study, we examine Elsevier's contribution to- and multi-level support for the United Kingdom's (UK's) 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF). With input from more than 56,000 research staff from 155 institutions across the UK, submitting more than 191,000 research outputs, the 2014 REF is one of the most ambitious national research assessments to date.

This paper examines Elsevier's role in supporting the REF submission and assessment process, but also draws on the testimony of some of the information specialists, administrators and researchers who occupied the "trenches" of the assessment and whose efforts helped make the exercise happen.

Subjects, Products & Services: Analytical Services; Collaboration; Data Aggregation; Evaluating Performance; Measuring Research Performance; Pure; Research Landscape Analysis; SciVal; Scopus

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