Customer Story Infographic

In today’s highly competitive research ecosystem, highlighting success and uncovering opportunities are indispensable. To advance society and drive growth, academic leaders need actionable insights across the research workflow to support strategic decision making.

Discover how institutions worldwide leverage Elsevier’s suite of Research Intelligence solutions to tackle their most pressing research challenges by exploring our new customer story infographic.

With a focus on six key research challenges, this visually impactful infographic tells a story through the voice of our customers about how they have developed evidence-based research strategies at their institutions, how they have identified collaboration opportunities, enhanced their productivity and performance, and demonstrated impact.

Elsevier's Research Intelligence six research challenges

The interactive maps associated with each research challenge enable you to search by region and content type (case study, video testimonial, presentation, or podcast), allowing you easy access to customer stories according to location.

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The role of Elsevier’s Research Intelligence solutions in helping organizations address global challenges, such as societal impact and net zero research, is also highlighted.

Finally, delve into our portfolio of Research Intelligence solutions, enabling technologies and connected data that can accurately reflect the breadth and depth of your institution’s research ecosystem.

Explore inspiring customer stories from around the world.