Arizona State university identifies and connects expertise with SciVal

Learn how an innovative university uses SciVal’s Topics of Prominence to help build successful research teams

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A major research institution like Arizona State University (ASU) needs to be able to connect expertise across campus as well as other research institutions in order to find collaborators, partners, student mentors and more. This can be a challenge, though, with a faculty of over 3,400 people across different departments and research centers.

When ASU wanted to hold a workshop focused on how to make progress in the fight to overcome America’s substance abuse and addiction crisis, they needed a comprehensive strategy for finding experts to participate, generate ideas and form research teams.

In this case study, you will learn how the data in SciVal and SciVal’s Topic Prominence in Science provided a key starting point to identify strengths, the focus area for the workshop and the faculty to include.

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  • Analyze publications – SciVal was a valuable starting place to mine scholarly works for authors whose research was relevant to the topics of opioids and addiction.
  • Find experts – With the help of SciVal’s Topics of Prominence, ASU was able to zero in on suitable experts for the workshop who could represent partnership opportunities in the future.
  • Build teams – Arizona State University will continue to use SciVal as part of their ongoing process for helping team building efforts in the future.

Read the case study (PDF, 2.0 MB)

Webinar: Spurring Innovation with Topic Prominence at Arizona State University

Listen to this webinar featuring Hansa Magee, Assistant Director of Analytics at Arizona State University's Knowledge Enterprise, discussing how she has been applying Topics to her work.

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