Analytical Services Catalog of Offerings for Funders

This catalog introduces custom analytical report services for funders to measure research and funding program performance. We provide funding program-specific analysis at the program level, and general performance analysis at country or institutional level. We also offer a range of options to allow these reports optimally fit your priorities.

  • The funding program-specific report provides in-depth insights combined with our expert analysis to meet your needs of designing and assessing your funding programs. We customize our methodology based on the unique features of your programs to provide the most helpful findings.
  • The general performance report provides an overview of the research performance of countries and institutions funded by your programs. The report helps you understand the research development, trends, and strengths of countries and institutions where you implement your funding activities.

Subjects, Products & Services: Analytical Services; Collaboration; Data Aggregation; Evaluating Performance; Measuring Research Performance; Reporting; Research Funding; Research Landscape Analysis; Research Management

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