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Gain a clear understanding of your institution's performance and potential to inform strategic planning and report on your achievements and impact. Elsevier delivers content, data, information and analytics to provide insights into your portfolio and strengths; the global research landscape; and institutional, national and international trends. To support benchmarking of your performance against peer institutions as a whole or at deeper levels, our solutions help you leverage an array of indicators, metrics and linked data from more than 18,300 institutions and their associated 12 million plus researchers from 231 nations worldwide. See how to access the insights for building your strategy and reputation.

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Research strategy


SciVal allows you to visualize and benchmark research activities and performance through an array of research metrics, across multiple research entities. These entities include highly accurate institution and researcher profiles, countries and self-defined research fields. This enables you to inform research strategy and planning, develop the right partnerships, identify and analyze global research trends, and create uniquely tailored reports.

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Funding Institutional

Funding Institutional provides insights into research trends and topics in terms of what and who is getting funded, helping to inform the development of research strategies.

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Pure’s industry-proven data model helps you understand, evaluate and visualize your institution’s research performance as well as the overall research lifecycle. Pure supports fact-based decision-making in strategic planning.

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Analytical Services

The expert consultants in Elsevier’s Analytical Services team answer specific and complex questions based on in-depth analyses of research performance. They’re ready to help you with the development, execution and evaluation of your research strategy.

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Customer stories

Download the National Research Foundation of Korea case study.

National Research Foundation of Korea

A research agency uses SciVal to analyze research trends and research performance to optimize funding and position the country as an innovation powerhouse.

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Case Study: National Cheng Kung University

National Cheng Kung University

A leading comprehensive university applies insights from Pure, SciVal and Scopus to enhance funding and collaboration opportunities, and recruit faculty.

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Case study - University of Johannesburg: Anticipating the Fourth Industrial Revolution

University of Johannesburg

A university expands from comprehensive institution to innovative research enterprise by addressing three critical research paradigms with SciVal, Scopus and ScienceDirect.

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