Join VIVO quickly and easily with Pure

VIVO is a semantic network that can help your institution showcase researcher expertise and enable collaboration. By sharing your researchers' profile data in semantic-web compliant format, applications can read your organization's data and help your researchers and administrators discover experts at other institutions, while making your investigators more discoverable to scholars across the world.

As interest in VIVO continues to grow within the U.S. and internationally, the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program, funded by the National Institutes of Health, has recommended that all institutions of the CTSA consortium implement research networking tools that are compatible with VIVO.

Are you interested in adopting a research networking tool and joining VIVO? Have you already launched a VIVO instance at your institution?

Your organization can benefit from Pure being fully compatible with the VIVO ontology. Pure combines rich publication histories from databases such as Scopus® and Web of Science, your institution's own content such as publications, grants, patents and HR data, and individual researcher content in semantic form, and shares this information as linked, interrelated data, which is required to participate in VIVO.

We can save you substantial time and resources necessary to launch and maintain your own system, and ensure that your researcher profiles are accurate and complete. Enable all the researchers at your institution to participate in VIVO quickly and easily with Pure.