Nanotechnologies output, impact and collaboration

Executive Summary of the report

Nanotechnologies are a key enabling technology with a broad spectrum of applications in several different fields and are one of the top research priorities at the European level and in France as well.

This report provides an overview of the research activities on nanotechnologies using a document set of +428,000 papers published in the period 2010 – 2014, collected by a search query that utilizes key concepts extracted from a sample of relevant journals using a semantic technology called Elsevier Fingerprint Engine. The analysis is carried out on production, quality and collaboration.

The core findings

Overall, this analysis confirms that nanotechnologies are an extremely competitive field, where the leadership of the US and EU is challenged by countries in Asia that are investing heavily in this area and see not only their output but also the impact of their research growing steadily.

It will be worthwhile to analyse in the coming years if the availability of dedicated funds through the H2020 programs will result in European countries being able to maintain a position of scientific leadership in this field which has an enormous potential to be translated into innovation and eventually economic development.

Figure 0.5

figure 0.12