Research Initiatives

Elsevier partners with research institutions, funders and policy makers worldwide to address research management challenges. Through Research Intelligence, extensive data sources such as Scopus® and our bibliometric expertise, Elsevier helps organizations:

  • Enhance Research Performance:
    Enabling institutions to engage in data-driven strategic planning and benchmark performance to maximize efficiency and impact of their research enterprises
  • Support Data Standards:
    Facilitating organizations to share data across systems and increase productivity throughout the research community
  • Investigate Grand Challenges:
    Collaborating with institutions to address major societal challenges such as food and water security, alternative energy and breast cancer

International Comparative Performance of the Welsh Research Base 2010-2014, 2016 update

This report provides insights into the relative performance of the Welsh research base.

Enhance Research Performance

Mapping Gender in the German Research Arena

A report conducted by Elsevier

This report provides evidence and analysis on potential gender gaps in research in Germany by linking data from Scopus® to data from a large online social networking service to identify the gender of German researchers in Scopus® author profiles.

Enhance Research Performance

A Review of the UK's Interdisciplinary Research using a Citation-based Approach

This report uses a novel approach to measure interdisciplinary research in the UK and compares it to eight countries: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States.

Enhance Research Performance

Sustainability Science in a Global Landscape

This report examines the status of sustainability science, the research that supports and drives sustainable development, as a research field.

Enhance Research Performance

Research Performance in South-East Asia

Executive Summary of a report commissioned by the British Council to Elsevier

This summary presents high-level findings on the output, growth, and impact of selected ASEAN countries and strengths of selected institutions.

Enhance Research Performance

International Comparative Performance of India’s Research Base (2009-2013): A Bibliometric Analysis

This report provides an international comparative overview of India’s research performance and presents the trends that may affect its future position in a global context.

Enhance Research Performance

Nanotechnologies Output, Impact and Collaboration

This report provides an overview of the research activities on nanotechnologies, carried out on production, quality and collaboration.

Enhance Research Performance

America's Knowledge Economy: A State-by-State Review

A report by the Council of State Governments and Elsevier

This report explores the comparative research strengths of US states, providing an understanding of the broader importance of research produced by public universities. It helps inform the debate about academic research funding and provide a framework to identify, showcase, and align the expertise of research institutions with each states’ policy goals.

Enhance Research Performance

Mapping research and Innovation: Understanding Amsterdam's Competitive Advantage

A report by the Urban Innovation Network and Elsevier

This report focuses on how cities can align development strategies and priorities with research strengths. Using Amsterdam as a case study, it analyzes the city's competitiveness across multiple dimensions, showing how Amsterdam is building its future on a foundation of research to create a sustainable knowledge economy.

Enhance Research Performance

International Comparative study of the Netherlands' Research Performance in the Top Sectors

A report by Elsevier

This study consists of 19 reports that compare the Netherlands' research performance in research areas within 6 of the Netherlands' Top Sectors (Agrofood, Chemistry, Energy, High-tech Systems and Materials, Horticulture & Propagation Materials, and Water) to leading countries in the world.

Enhance Research Performance

A Decade of Development in Sub-Saharan African Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Research

A report by the World Bank and Elsevier

This report examines the research enterprise of sub-Saharan Africa from 2003 to 2013, with a special emphasis on research in STEM.

Enhance Research Performance

Comparative Benchmarking of European and US Research Collaboration and Researcher Mobility

A report prepared in collaboration between Science Europe and Elsevier's SciVal Analytics

This report provides a comprehensive view of the European and US research mobility and collaboration landscapes.

Enhance Research Performance

Embracing the REF – Supporting research excellence in the UK and beyond

A report by Elsevier

This paper looks at the role played by Elsevier over the past decade as data provider and partner in a number of prestigious rankings, customized reports and national assessment exercises.

Enhance Research Performance

International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base – 2013

An analysis commissioned by the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)

The second report written by Elsevier to assesses the performance of the UK's research base when compared to seven other research intensive countries.

Enhance Research Performance

International Comparative Performance of the Welsh Research Base 2013

An analysis commissioned by Higher Education Wales, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, and the Welsh Government

A report written by Elsevier to assess the performance of the Welsh research base, when compared to the other UK constituent countries and research countries of comparable size.

Enhance Research Performance

Improving Your Research Management

A freely available guidebook published by Elsevier

This guidebook by Professor Alan M. Johnson offers valuable counsel to help academic leaders optimize the research productivity of the teams they lead.

Enhance Research Performance

International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base – 2011

An analysis commissioned by the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)

Elsevier's report explores the UK's comparative position in terms of research inputs and outputs, human capital, collaboration, productivity and knowledge transfer.

Enhance Research Performance

The Research Universities Futures Consortium

A community driven effort involving 29 research universities to understand the current US research landscape, identify common challenges and develop solutions

With support from Elsevier, the Consortium released a study, "The Current Health and Future Well-Being of the American Research University," which indicates a need for institutional collaboration, shared metrics and a required shift of focus to productivity, rather than size.

Enhance Research Performance

Funder Registry

A collaborative project providing a standard way of reporting funding sources for published scholarly research

FundRef will help standardize how authors indicate the funding sources of their research, enabling funders to more clearly track the results of their investments and communicate the impact of R&D spending to the public.

Support Data Standards

Snowball Metrics

Metrics that support institutional strategic decision making, which have been defined and agreed by research-focused universities and Elsevier

The aspiration is for these metrics to become global standards that enable universities to compare themselves against their peers, support their decision making, and cover the entire spectrum of research and enterprise activities. All interested organizations are invited to apply the framework free of charge.

Support Data Standards

Join VIVO quickly and easily with Pure

A semantic network that can help your institution showcase researcher expertise and enable collaboration

Institutions can participate in VIVO through Pure, which is fully compatible with the VIVO ontology. Enrich your researcher profiles with Scopus data, your institutions own content and individual researcher updates, and save the time and resources necessary to launch and maintain your own system.

Support Data Standards

Brain Science Mapping the Landscape of Brain and Neuroscience Research

A report prepared by Elsevier Research Intellgience Analytical Services

This report and the analyses therein provide a snapshot of the current state of global brain and neuroscience research that can help guide future research priorities, policy, and funding decisions.

Investigate Grand Challenges

Stem Cell Research

A joint report by Elsevier, EuroStemCell and Kyoto University's Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) including scientists' and other stakeholders' views on current progress and future expectations for the field

This report analyzes the growth and development of the stem cell field as a whole, then more closely examines embryonic stem (ES) cell and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell research outputs looking into leading nations' research output, citation impact and collaboration behavior, as well as assessing each nation's difference in focus and its growth.

Investigate Grand Challenges

The Water and Food Nexus Trends and Development of the Research Landscape

A joint report by Elsevier and Stockholm International Water Institute that examines the dynamics of global water research between 2007 and 2011 at international, national and institutional levels

This report discusses the dramatic growth of water research in recent years and the increase in international collaboration to address water problems

Support Data Standards