Cancer Moonshot Resource Center

In his final State of the Union address, US President Barack Obama put Vice President Joseph Biden in charge of a new national effort to end cancer as we know it: the Cancer Moonshot. The goal: "To make a decade worth of advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment in five years."

Academic leaders in Asia explore how universities can impact society

Conference in Tokyo focused on maximizing impact and collaboration across disciplines, sectors and borders

Infographic: the Science of Disaster Science

A snapshot of global research in support of the 2016 Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

Tracking the contributions of faculty members – including teaching

Pure’s new Faculty and Academic Activity Reporting tool helps universities see the full picture

Tracking progress in US science and engineering

The NSF’s latest biennial report uses custom data from Elsevier’s Scopus database.

Librarians: the new research data management experts

How growth in research data is spurring a shift in the librarian’s role

Librarians: the new research data management experts

How growth in research data is spurring a shift in the librarian’s role?

Germany: an alternative route to excellence

Times Higher Education uses Scopus database to assess performance of German universities.

What Chinese investment means for African higher education?

Times Higher Education uses SciVal, Scopus and reports produced by Analytical Services to analyze what Chinese investment means for African higher education.

Elsevier Collaborates with Russian Universities to Advance their Research Impact

Universities to benefit from access to Elsevier’s Pure

Elsevier Announces the Launch of New Metrics on SciVal to Help Institutions Measure the Economic Impact of Their Research

Data from five of the world’s largest patent offices now included in SciVal

Latest Clinical Information on Zika Virus Available at Info Centers on Elsevier Connect and The Lancet

Free online resource centers provide the latest medical and scientific information and research on the Zika virus.

2016 List of Chinas Most Cited Researchers Unveiled

List draws from the 2016 Best Chinese University Ranking report based on Scopus data and SciVal analytics.

Elsevier and the Egyptian Government Sign National License Agreement to Expand Access to Scientific and Medical Information and Tools

Collaboration aims to boost Egypt’s education, health care, research and innovation capacity.

Number of Female Researchers in Germany Has Increased By 25 Percent Over the Past Five Years

Over the past five years, the number of female researchers in Germany has grown far more rapidly than that of male researchers. Female-only publications are the most internationally collaborative while mixed gender publications are more interdisciplinary than the mono-gender ones, highlights a new study by Elsevier launched today ahead of the European Gender Summit in Berlin.

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