Research Funders Summit

Rockville, MD - October 16–17,2018

Join us this October in the Washington, DC area for the Research Funders Summit, a stimulating event that will bring together program, policy, evaluation, and review leaders from a wide range of funders – both private and government. The event will facilitate the sharing of ideas and best practices related to supporting, funding, and measuring the impact of research.

There is no cost to attend the Summit, but advanced registration is required. Self-pay options for meals, if required by your employer, will be offered on-site.

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Presenters will give talks and take part in panel discussions on a diverse mix of important topics, such as:

  • Research Evaluation and Impact
  • Open Science
  • Peer Review
  • Scientific Workforce

Elsevier is proud to be hosting this forum for learning and establishing connections among thought leaders and dedicated professionals in the research funding community.