International Comparative Performance of India's Research Base 2009 - 2013

India's research performance has improved from 2009-2013

In 2009 India produced more publications than Spain, Australia, Korea, Brazil, Sweden, and Singapore. In 2011, India’s output rose to surpass that of Canada and Italy.

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Scholarly Output

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106,065 papers published in 2013

4.4% of the world’s scholarly output

13.9% CAGR

high compound annual growth rate, compared to 4.1% for the world

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Chemistry & Pharmacology

India’s research focus

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India’s most impactful field

Relative to its overall output, India publishes particularly large proportions of its excellent papers in Engineering and Computer Science.


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of India’s scholarly output in 2013

is the result of institutional collaboration

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of India’s scholarly output in 2013

is the result of national collaboration

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of India’s scholarly output in 2013

is the result of international collaboration

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India’s most impactful international collaborations are with Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, China and Sweden, but these are not necessarily the most prolific ones.

Knowledge Transfer

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109 patent citations

2.9% of the world’s patent citations in 2013

1,250 papers resulting from collaboration between academia and industry in 2013

1.2% of India’s scholarly output

Computer Science Materials Science Chemistry Pharmacology Toxicology Pharmaceutics

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India’s patent citation focus present higher relative emphasis in these fields compared to the world.

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