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Scopus includes over 12M author profiles, which are automatically created whenever new data is uploaded.

We offer a feedback feature to ensure each author's profile is distinct and kept up-to-date. No other A&I database matches Scopus for precision and recall.

The Scopus Data Model

The data that goes into Scopus follows the model that articles are written by authors who are affiliated with institutions.

This relational data model means that Scopus can tell you who is researching what in global literature and where they are doing it with higher accuracy than anyone else.

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    69+ million
    records from journals, books and book series, conference proceedings and trade publications
  • Affiliation:
    affiliation profiles
  • Author:
    12+ million
    author profiles

Author Profile Generation

Scopus is the only database that implements algorithmic & systematic author disambiguation.

The most powerful algorithmic data processing in the industry groups papers to to an individual's profile with a high degree of accuracy based on matching of name, email, affiliation, subject area, citations, co-authors, etc.

The Author Feedback Wizard is available for Author Profile changes to be requested due to the complexities of disambiguation, such as common names, name changes, incomplete metadata from publishers, etc.

Scopus makes every effort to update & maintain precise & complete profiles.

Scopus delivers a comprehensive view on the world of research. No packages, no add-ons.

One all-inclusive subscription.

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