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Our products and services are much more than simple databases. They can provide evidence to support a research theory or be used as discovery tools to uncover actionable insights into the people, institutions and groups working in different research topics. With trillions of metric values, the paths the data can take you down are limitless.

Below are a selection of infographics that illustrate the journeys of discovery the data has steered us on and the types of stories they have helped tell. Where will the data take you?

Industry 4.0 - Research Intelligence Campaigns | Elsevier

In an age of Globalization, will the Asian Academic Emergence continue in countries like Thailand and beyond?

Gender in the Global Research Landscape

The One Belt,  One Road Initiative’s  Potential Impact on Global Research Collaboration


The science of disaster science

NSF Science and Engineering Indicators 2016 promo graphic

The U.S. National Science Foundation's 6 Big Research Ideas

The Global Research of Sports

Gender Mapping promo graphic

Earth Day 2016 promo graphic

G7 Research Report Card - Evaluating the Research Output of the G7 nations

Science of Love promo graphic

Back to the Future promo graphic

A selection of infographics using our data, metrics and tools

Where will the data take you?

International Comparative Performance of India's Research Base 2009 - 2013 banner

Sustainability Science in a Global Landscape banner

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