Research Intelligence

Actionable insights from quality data and analytical solutions to achieve strategic research goals

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What are your challenges in achieving research excellence?

Research strategy

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Develop a research strategy and inform strategic planning to achieve research goals

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Expertise & collaboration

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Identify researchers and cross-sector partners to advance research programs and the research enterprise

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Research funding

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Gain a holistic view of the funding landscape to identify and manage the most relevant funding opportunities

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Conducting research

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Discover relevant research and enhance research workflow and productivity

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Research management

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Optimize monitoring and administration of research activities and information to make decisions with confidence

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Impact & engagement

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Increase visibility of research and researcher profiles to build a reputation for excellence and advance open science and scholarship

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Research Intelligence for the Research Community

Today's research ecosystem is both highly competitive and collaborative. The research community requires actionable insights into this global environment to allow research to flourish, advance society and drive economic growth. Elsevier Research Intelligence solutions generate those insights with quality, structured data and information; advanced analytics; and an array of indicators and metrics.

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Customer stories

Institutions around the world use Research Intelligence tools to answer the most pressing challenges that their researchers and research managers face. We invite you to read and listen to some of their stories below.

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Visit the Resource Library for a full listing of Research Intelligence resources from fact sheets to reports.

Our research collaborations

Every year Elsevier is involved in more than 60 research collaborations and internal research projects. For details on these and more research collaborations, please visit Our partnerships in research.

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A closer look for research leaders:

University rankings

University Rankings guide

A guide for academic research leaders to understand more about University Rankings — how they work, why they are important and can you influence them.

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University-industry collaboration

Read more about university industry collaboration

A guide for academic research leaders to understand more about University-Industry Collaborations– what it is, keys for success and how to find an industry partner.

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