Ensuring continuity and operational excellence

In an industry where there are constant price fluctuations, and profit margins are highly sensitive to oil and gas prices and other external factors, process optimization is key.

In order to ensure continuous production capacity, cost-control, and compliance with ever–changing HSE regulations, refineries and petrochemical companies must have access to multi-disciplinary engineering and technical information.

Elsevier’s R&D Solutions empowers chemical, process and mechanical engineers to:

Ensuring continuity and operational excellence - Oil & Gas - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

  • Maximize product yield and product quality
  • Reduce downtime by optimizing new process technology, equipment and catalyst technology
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Improve environmental performance and sustainability

Customer stories

Stopping corrosion from eating up profits

Corrosion-related failures cost the oil and gas industry billions each year and pose serious HSE risks. Find out how access to interdisciplinary scientific, technological and engineering information can help prevent corrosion nightmares before they start.

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Don’t let corrosion put holes in your net gains

Rust never sleeps: Combatting corrosion with systematic planning

Has corrosion met its match?

Corrosion specialist Sankara Papavinasam believes oil and gas firms can nearly eliminate corrosion failures by implementing regular, proactive measures. In this interview, he shares his 5-M Methodology for corrosion control and discusses trends in the field.

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Designing a substation

Designing a natural substation to achieve low operational costs - Knovel | Elsevier

When a company had to build a processing substation to provide gas to a local community, one of their engineers used Knovel to help design an efficient purification system.
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Reducing fumes without costs

Achieving fume mitigation goals at reduced costs - Knovel | Elsevier

When new regulations demanded this company mitigate its benzene emissions even more, Knovel helped find an alternative adsorption agent, saving the company time and money.
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Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Refining & Petrochemicals


Knovel helps customers reduce plant and manufacturing costs and mitigate HSE risks with plant designs and systems by providing manufacturing and engineering staff access to design change examples, materials property data, operational best practice insights and more.
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ScienceDirect provides access to Elsevier's interdisciplinary full–text articles and books, supporting oil &and gas companies with crucial scientific data and information covering critical subject areas required by refining and petrochemical companies.
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EnCompassLit and EnCompassPat provide comprehensive access to worldwide technical data, information and patents specifically for the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and natural gas industries. With over 1 million abstracts and more than 600,000 patent records from over 48 patenting authorities around the world, companies can stay up–to–date on latest technologies, processes and products.
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Reaxys helps customers ensure that manufacturing processes are optimized for quality and safety standards by providing chemists working in production the shortest path to data for understanding synthetic routes, manufacturing yield expectations and manufacturing by–products.

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Ideas and insights for industry professionals

Challenges in achieving operational excellence in refining & petrochemicals

Challenges in achieving operational excellence in refining & petrochemicals - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

Facing decreasing margins and slowed growth, downstream operators in the oil and gas industry must look to other areas to improve their fortunes.

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How to optimize your debottlenecking process with engineering & technological information

How to optimize your debottlenecking process with engineering & technological information - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

With the need to increase efficiency (and therefore profitability) becoming more critical in downstream oil and gas, the quest for successful de–bottlenecking strategies is intensifying.
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