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How will you meet the energy demands of the future?

Meeting the energy needs of the future in a low price environment means making more informed decisions to improve success rates, developing and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for better recovery rates, while boosting overall operational excellence.

Elsevier's R&D Solutions provides critical data and technology solutions to support exploration and production teams with environmental, health and safety goals, increase operational efficiency, and, ultimately, improve oil exploration and production outcomes.

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Elsevier's R&D Solutions provides technology solutions

Opportunity Identification & Prospect Evaluation - Exploration & Production | Elsevier

Opportunity Identification & Prospect Evaluation

Identifying commercially viable petroleum systems is critical for growing reserves and meeting short- and long-term global energy demands. We help exploration teams better understand the geologic evolution, development and subsurface geologic, geochemical and geophysical characteristics to make better interpretations and recommendations for further investment and exploration.

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Drilling & Completions Engineering

Effective design and development of upstream projects minimizes exposure to operational and technical risks. In addition, employing the best engineering technologies and equipment reduces drilling time and costs, improves production and recovery of resource, and mitigates against potential HSE impacts, reducing overall operating costs. Drilling and completion engineers have access to high quality, reliable, comprehensive engineering information, enabling them to identify and develop the best technologies and practices to meet project timelines and costs without compromising business risk.

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Drilling & Completions Engineering - Oil & Gas | Elsevier

Reservoir Engineering & Production - Oil & Gas | Elsevier

Reservoir Engineering & Production

Better understanding of reservoir properties, geomechanics, flow dynamics and engineering and production technologies to recover more from the reservoir, drives growth and greater returns on project investments. We provide reservoir engineers and production teams with access to high-quality, reliable, scientific and engineering information to identify and deploy the best engineering solutions to optimize production throughout the field lifecycle.

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Elsevier’s R&D Solutions for Exploration & Production


Geofacets helps exploration teams make better decisions with access to relevant published data and information in the format of maps, figures (e.g., seismic profiles, cross-sections, etc.) and tables that can be easily integrated into GIS projects for ranking opportunities and prospects with confidence.

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Knovel is the most comprehensive, interactive engineering resource, providing access to technical reference materials and interactive tools that enable engineers to design, develop, implement and manage projects quickly, efficiently and with greater certainty.

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ScienceDirect provides access to Elsevier’s interdisciplinary full-text articles and books, supporting companies with crucial scientific data and information covering critical subject areas required by oil and gas companies focused on the upstream market.

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Scopus, Elsevier’s abstract and citation database, enables exploration teams to identify top authors and experts by research subject or geographic areas, as well as identifying leading technologies being developed and patented by industry leaders for drilling and completion teams.

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Optimizing recovery from existing assets

Oil & gas professionals face turbulent times and the industry is looking to foster creativity and develop talent and resources to tackle rising uncertainty. Discover shared insights from leading experts on how companies can do more with less and position themselves for sustained success in the short- and long-term.

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Optimizing Recovery from Existing Assets - Oil & Gas | Elsevier