How will you meet the energy demands of the future?

Meeting the energy needs of the future in a low price environment means making more informed decisions to improve success rates as well as developing and leveraging cutting–edge technologies for better recovery rates — all while boosting overall operational excellence.

Elsevier's R&D Solutions provides critical data and technology solutions to support exploration and production teams with health, environment and safety goals, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately improve oil exploration and production outcomes.

Elsevier's R&D solutions helps E&P companies develop and improve oil and gas by enabling them to:

Elsevier's R&D Solutions provides critical data and technology solutions - Oil and Gas | Elsevier

  • Find new exploration opportunities and evaluate prospects to drive E&P investment decisions
  • Find analogues to de–risk prospects, plays and better delineate reservoir characteristics and properties
  • Identify new oil and gas production technologies and materials to improve well construction and minimize downtime and work–overs
  • Identify engineering technologies and materials for optimizing production and improving rates of recovery throughout the life of the field
  • Research existing technologies and find potential partners for developing new technologies, solving specific operational challenges

Customer stories

Thousands of researchers and other R&D professionals working in oil and gas rely on our intuitive solutions.

Stopping corrosion from eating up profits

Corrosion-related failures cost the oil and gas industry billions each year and pose serious HSE risks. Find out how access to interdisciplinary scientific, technological and engineering information can help prevent corrosion nightmares before they start.

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Don’t let corrosion put holes in your net gains

Rust never sleeps: Combatting corrosion with systematic planning

Has corrosion met its match?

Corrosion specialist Sankara Papavinasam believes oil and gas firms can nearly eliminate corrosion failures by implementing regular, proactive measures. In this interview, he shares his 5-M Methodology for corrosion control and discusses trends in the field.

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Knovel finds the answer

Knovel finds the answer - Exploration & Production, Oil & Gas |Elsevier R&D Solutions

A clean-technology energy company needed to find the right pump to boost production. Knovel helped them quickly identify the exact one they needed — and double their output.
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Modeling for increased yield

Modeling for increased yield - Exploration & Production, Oil & Gas |Elsevier R&D Solutions

When an E&P team realized they didn’t have current data on a low-performing oilfield, they turned to ScienceDirect to create a predictive geological model at little cost.
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Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Exploration & Production


Geofacets helps oil and gas companies rank E&P opportunities and prospects with more confidence by providing users with access to published scientific maps, figures (e.g., seismic profiles, cross–sections, etc.) and tables that easily integrate with GIS projects.
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Knovel helps oil and gas companies minimize risk while maximizing output by providing engineers access to technical reference materials and interactive tools for developing and managing projects with greater efficiency and certainty.
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ScienceDirect helps oil and gas companies accelerate research and broaden knowledge horizons by providing visibility on the latest state-of-the-art technology advances such as high-resolution subsurface imaging, carbon capture and storage, and catalysis.
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Scopus helps oil and gas companies drive discovery and innovation forward by enabling researchers to find top experts by research subject or geographic areas, and identify leading drilling and completion technologies being developed and patented by industry leaders.
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Ideas and insights for industry professionals

How the oil and gas industry is influencing academics

How the O&G industry influences academics - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

Jennifer Miskimins of the Colorado School of Mines talks about the relationship between industry & academia in an interview that also touches on industry trends, multidisciplinary research and why now is a great time to go into Petroleum Engineering.

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Unstructured data

Unstructured data article - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

Converting unstructured information into structured data is a challenging task for oil and gas companies, but the resulting risk reduction and cost savings make the effort worthwhile.
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Why is Geofacets unique?

Why is Geofacets unique? - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

In this Q&A, a Geofacets data integration expert explains how the comprehensive features and advanced capabilities of this geoscience solution can save you time and money.
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