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Being more efficient, effective and productive in a volatile market

Oil and gas companies face major challenges from the dramatic decline in the price of oil to the need to drastically cut costs and mitigate risk; all the while, adhering to tightening emissions and environmental standards. These challenges are compounded by the loss of nearly 350,000 jobs globally and the impending retirement of 50% of highly skilled and experienced scientists and engineers within the next 5-10 years.

To overcome these challenges, oil & gas companies operating in both the upstream and downstream markets must find ways to operate more effectively and efficiently if they are going to remain competitive, profitable and succeed in meeting long-term future energy demands.

Elsevier's R&D Solutions offers several tools that allow scientists and engineers working across the value chain to make better decisions, identify and/or develop new technologies, and optimize existing processes, allowing teams to work more effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing overall costs.

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Being More Efficient, Effective and Productive in a Volatile Market

Exploration & Production

We empower exploration teams to make better interpretations that reduce risk, lead to better recommendations, and ultimately improve exploration strategies and success rates. With access to the latest engineering research and technology, we enable petroleum engineers to optimize development and production, ensuring that fields remain profitable, while limiting health and safety risks.

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Refining & Petrochemicals

We provide engineers working in refineries and petrochemical plants with unparalleled access to scientific, technical and engineering information to optimize production, reduce downtime due to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and adhere to health, environmental and safety regulations.

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Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Oil & Gas

Elsevier offers several solutions that allow scientists and engineers working across the value chain to make better decisions, identify and/or develop new technologies, and optimize existing processes, allowing teams to work more effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing overall costs.


Geofacets empowers G&G teams to efficiently find and seamlessly integrate geological, geophysical and geochemical maps, figures and data, helping exploration teams to gain deeper geologic understanding of petroleum system and reservoir properties, enabling exploration teams to make better investment and development decisions.

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Knovel helps oil & gas companies minimize risk while maximizing output by providing engineers access to technical reference materials and interactive tools for developing and managing projects with greater efficiency and certainty.

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ScienceDirect, Elsevier’s leading information solution, enables researchers to access authoritative, multidisciplinary, full-text content to keep up to date and address a variety of upstream and downstream challenges.

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Scopus the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, helps oil and gas companies improve scientific knowledge and technological intelligence to identify, analyze and visualize research trends, top research organizations, and companies.

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Achieving operational excellence in upstream & downstream

Learning From the Past - Oil & Gas | Elsevier

Learning from the past

From the dramatic decline in the price of oil and tightening regulations to the loss of nearly 350,000 jobs – companies are pressured to do more with less. Historically, technological advancements have allowed the oil and gas sector to push the limits of exploration and production against the backdrop of low prices, and in this downturn, the best path to being more efficient and effective may be through innovation.

Download the white paper: Learning from the past (PDF, 1.0mb)

Optimizing capacity

Changes in product specifications, shifts in demand, environmental regulations, increasing operational costs associated with energy consumption all have important implications for the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. The way in which companies choose to address these challenges can positively benefit or inhibit a company's ability to remain competitive. Companies that can quickly and effectively optimize processes, procedures and best-practices will have a competitive edge.

Download the white paper: Optimizing capacity (PDF, 925kb)

Optimizing Capacity - Oil & Gas | Elsevier

Doing More With Less - R&D Solutions
  for Oil & Gas | Elsevier

Doing more with less

Oil & gas professionals face turbulent times and the industry is looking to foster creativity and develop talent and resources to tackle rising uncertainty. Discover shared insights from leading experts on how companies can do more with less and position themselves for sustained success in the short- and long-term.

Download the white paper: Doing more with less (PDF, 778kb)

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