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We publish seven of the leading titles in the field of oxidation-reduction (redox) processes. They include the official journals of the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine and the Society for Free Radical Research-Europe:

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Advances in Redox Research

Advances in Redox Research is an open access journal publishing research focused on the broadest range of studies in oxidation-reduction (redox) processes in biology, biological chemistry, and health and disease - if biologically relevant.

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Free Radical Biology & Medicine

Free Radical Biology and Medicine was the first of our journals devoted entirely to redox biology & medicine and remains the premier forum for publishing groundbreaking research as well as concise, comprehensive, and graphical reviews in the redox biology of both health and disease. Our novel initiatives include Critical Methods Papers, Invited Special Issues, ECR Reviews, and Podcasts.

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Redox Biochemistry and Chemistry

Redox Biochemistry and Chemistry is an open access, multidisciplinary platform bridging the fields of redox biochemistry, chemistry, pollution/environmental health research, toxicology and antioxidant mechanisms.

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Redox Biology

Redox Biology publishes novel open access research, methods and review articles in redox biology in the areas of both health and disease.

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Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics publishes quality original articles and reviews in the developing areas of biochemistry and biophysics.

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Mitochondrion is a definitive, high profile, peer-reviewed international research journal. The scope of Mitochondrion is broad, reporting on basic science of mitochondria from all organisms and from basic research to pathology and clinical aspects of mitochondrial diseases.

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Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide includes original research, methodology papers and reviews relating to nitric oxide and other gasotransmitters such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.

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