Take part in the next JHTM Paper Hackathon!

Date and Time:

14th December 2019 at 10:30 – 11:00

16th December 2019 at 10:45 – 12:15

Location: Room 213


After the launch and the great success of its first research paper hackathon in 2018, the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management (JHTM) is committed to continue its support to tourism and hospitality research by organising a second ‘Paper Hackathon”. The goal of the hackathon is to support tourism researchers to form partnerships with the aim to develop and pitch for a paper publication on JHTM.

The JHTM Paper Hackathon will take place during the the 5th World Research Summit for Hospitality and Tourism at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Orlando, USA.

The format is an intense two-day paper hackathon where teams of researchers will be formed and work towards the development of a study/paper proposal (paper-a-thon), which they will then present to an evaluation panel. During the hackathon, teams will work under the mentorship of prominent tourism scholars and they will receive constructive and valuable feedback for their research proposals. Teams with highly evaluated papers-a-thon will be invited to submit their completed manuscripts for a fast-tracked review process and a possible publication at the JHTM (within 2020).


The paper hackathon intends to foster new collaborations through an innovative hackathon format. To participate in the hackathon, researchers should be willing to bring and share with other researchers resources that can help the development of a study/paper (e.g. data sets, writing skills, time, knowledge etc.). The JHTM editor will consolidate hackathon applications and assist participants to self-organise in teams. Teams mixing researchers with various levels of experience (early, mid and late careers) and resources will be sought. Participating teams will have 2 days to initiate a new collaboration and develop a paper-a-thon under the guidance of an experienced mentor. The idea is to work out the basics of a research paper, which will be presented to and evaluated by an evaluation panel consisting of members of the JHTM editorial board as well as other prominent journal editors and researchers. On the last day of the conference, teams will pitch their paper-a-thon proposal to the JHTM panel. Teams with highly ranked papers-a-thon will have the opportunity to submit their completed paper for a fast-tracked review process and a possible publication at the JHTM.

The JHTM Paper Hackathon is a great opportunity to:

  • enhance your research and publication skills and capabilities through peer-learning and mentorship
  • foster new and/or enrich existing collaborations by networking and collaborate with other researchers
  • achieve a paper publication by sharing work with others
  • promote your skills and knowledge to the tourism community
  • develop and enhance your self-confidence and skills in working with others and debating your research work to a panel of experts
  • meet journal editors and other editorial board members and learn more about the evaluation and review process of manuscripts

3 steps to participate in the JHTM Paper Hackathon:

Share, Brainstorm & Collaborate” – Bring your data, theory, phenomenon, or good writing skills. Meet others who can complement what you have. Join resources with other participants and collaborate in teams to brainstorm and develop a new paper idea. Applicants will be organized in teams with the assistance of the JHTM Editor-In-Chief. A ‘speed dating’ session will be scheduled on the 13th December 2019, to enable hackathon applicants to meet, develop their teams and start working immediately.

Work & Write” – Work and write fast. You will have almost 3 full days (13, 14, 15 and 16 December 2019) to elaborate on your study/paper idea and develop a 10 minutes power point presentation. Presentations of papers-a-thon should provide an extended outline of the proposed study including: research aims; proposed methodology; contribution to the field; expected findings; practical and theoretical contributions. Teams will get help from mentors. Mentors may decide or not to be involved as co-authors, if everyone agrees.

Pitch & Win” – on the 16 December 2019, teams will have 10 minutes (very strict!) to present their paper-a-thon in front of the evaluation panel and other conference participants. Teams with highly evaluated papers-a-thon will be invited to submit their completed manuscript for a fast-tracked review process and a possible publication at the JHTM (within 2020). There will also be two JHTM Paper Hackathon awards: a ‘judges’ best paper-a-thon award; and a ‘people’s voice’ best paper-a-thon award.


To participate in the first ever Paper Hackathon organized by the JHTM, submit a 1-2 pages proposal describing what you can bring to the hackathon, for example:

data sets, access to key informants, methodological specialty and knowledge, theoretical or domain expertise, innovative perspectives, domain expertise, writing/editing skills story telling skills, data analytics skills etc.

Each proposal should come from an individual describing that individual's unique skills and contributions. Research teams are also welcome to apply - but each member must submit an individual proposal. Individuals who bring data sets need to clarify their rights to the data sets and certify that they have the rights to use the data for a new research paper.

Note that the paper-a-thon is NOT a paper development workshop where you can work on papers that you already have. It is about creating something new, with new collaborators, and new ideas. Please do NOT submit completed papers.

To register your participation, please e-mail a 1-2 page proposal (by 1st December 2019) to the JHTM Editor-In-Chief (Professor Marianna Sigala): Marianna.Sigala@unisa.edu.au

Download the full call for papers including the schedule here!