Family Support Awards


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Elsevier/Materials Today Family Support Awards

We are excited to announce that Elsevier and Materials Today have provided funds to help supplement the costs related to childcare responsibilities for early-career researchers attending our NuMat 2020. We understand that, in both academia and industry, the years following the completion of a doctoral degree are critical for exposure, recognition, and networking in order to secure or maintain a position. For many scientists, these years also coincide with starting a family, making it difficult to achieve a work-life balance and embrace one’s career objectives. Up to $500 per award will be granted by Elsevier Editors to students, postdocs, and/or young investigators (within your first 5 years). Delegates with accepted abstracts are eligible for this award (awarded on a first come first serve basis).

If you and your family would benefit from a Family Support Award, please complete the application form and email to These awards are available to early career researchers to supplement costs related to childcare responsibilities.

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