NuMat 2020

We are welcoming proposals from interested parties to chair NuMat 2020. Proposals for 2020 are restricted to European countries.

To notify us of your interest to host NuMat 2020, please provide the following information by August 31st, 2018. We will provide feedback on the successful proposal by September 30th 2018 and publicly announce the location of NuMat 2020 at the NuMat 2018 conference in Seattle.

Please provide the following information in your proposal:

  • Proposed location (can be defined at a country level– our conference department will assess the suitability of potential areas within the country to host the meeting)
  • Proposed chairs. We traditionally have three chairs for each conference
  • Profile of nuclear materials research and development in the region
  • Potential supporting organisations and level/type of support they can offer
  • Any additional supporting information you feel is relevant to the proposal.

NuMAt 2016 attracted nearly 500 delegates, and we have more than 600 abstracts under consideration for NuMat 2018.

The Elsevier conference team will provide extensive support for the conference, allowing the chairs to focus their efforts on the scientific content in the conference.

All proposals should be sent directly by email to Joe d’Angelo, Executive Publisher,
Elsevier – do not email credit card information under any circumstances). Proposals will be initially assessed by the Elsevier conference team to assess the suitability of the location, and a board of representatives from the nuclear materials research community will provide further feedback on the proposal they feel is best suited to host NuMat 2020.