Invited Speakers

<span id=Peter Atkinson">

Peter Atkinson

Lancaster University, UK

Talk Title: Data integration and change of support for spatial data science

Peter’s research can be characterized as "spatial data science” and it arises out of the application of quantitative geography to remotely sensed data. Specifically, it involves the application of space-time statistics and geostatistics, machine learning and numerical modeling, to Earth observation (EO) and other environmental and social data, to answer a wide range of science and social science questions.

Peter Atkinson">

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<span id=Adrian Baddeley">

Adrian Baddeley

Curtin University, Australia

Talk Title: Model diagnostics for spatial point patterns

Adrian Baddeley PhD DSc FAA is Professor of Computational Statistics at Curtin University, and is one of Australia's leading researchers in statistical science.

Adrian Baddeley">

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<span id=Catherine Calder">

Catherine Calder

The Ohio State University, USA

Talk Title: Nonstationary Spatial Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon

Dr. Calder’s research interests are in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, network analysis, and Bayesian methods.

Catherine Calder">

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Emanuele Giorgi

Emanuele Giorgi

Lancaster University

Dr Emanuele Giorgi is a Lecturer in Biostatistics based at the Centre for Health Informatics Computation and Statistics at Lancaster University.

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<span id=Janine Illian">

Janine Illian

University of St Andrews, Scotland

Dr Janine B Illian studied Mathematics, English and Psychology at the Universities of Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, California at Davis and Abertay Dundee.

Janine Illian">

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<span id=Konstantin Krivoruchko">

Konstantin Krivoruchko

Talk Title: Can one geostatistical model practice many arts with success?
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Konstantin Krivoruchko was born in the Soviet Union where he studied physics, mathematics, and statistics. He received his PhD degree in Physics and Mathematics from Soviet Academy of Sciences, Moscow, in 1989.

Konstantin Krivoruchko">

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<span id=Jose Miguel Angulo">

Jose Miguel Angulo

University of Granada, Spain

Talk Title: Spatial Data Analysis: Information, Complexity and Risk

Dr. José Miguel Angulo (PhD in Mathematical Sciences) is Professor of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Granada, Spain.

Jose Miguel Angulo">

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<span id=Mari Myllymäki">

Mari Myllymäki

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finland

Talk Title: Global envelope tests for spatial processes and beyond

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Dr. Mari Myllymäki holds currently the Academy Research Fellow position at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) in Helsinki, Finland. She received this funding for her project on statistical analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal point pattern data from the Academy of Finland in 2016.

Mari Myllymäki">

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<span id=Edzer Pebesma">

Edzer Pebesma

University of Münster, Germany

Talk Title: Towards spatial data science

Edzer Pebesma leads the spatio-temporal modelling laboratory at the institute for geoinformatics of the University of Muenster. He holds a PhD in geosciences, and has interests in spatial statistics, environmental modelling and monitoring, and in e-Science and reproducible research.

Edzer Pebesma">

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