Workshop proposals welcome!

The deadline for submitting your workshops proposals has now passed.

Conference Topics:


  • Space-time statistics, e.g. geostatistics, point patterns, estimation methods, large dimensions
  • New spatial data sources, e.g. social media, Google, citizen science, crowd source maps
  • Stochastic geometry, tesselation, point processes, random sets
  • Causal statistical modeling
  • Trajectory/movement modeling
  • Predictive modelling
  • Spatial data quality and uncertainty

With these methods being applied in a range of relevant domains. For the theme of the conference, we particularly invite contributions in:


  • Image analyses, e.g. satellite images
  • Traffic and transport
  • Global change
  • Ecology, e.g. dispersion, migration, colonisation and invasion of species
  • Plant and animal epidemiology, e.g. emerging epidemics
  • Hazards, disasters and risks, e.g. outbreaks, risk mapping
  • Crime and poverty mapping
  • Health, e.g. epidemiology, geohealth and global health
  • Spatial econometrics