Senseasia 2018


Dr. Jae-Hee Hong, Seoul National University, Korea

Talk Title: Communicating multidimensional sensory descriptors across borders

Dr. Jae-Hee Hong

Dr. Jae-Hee Hong received her B.S. and M.S. in food science from Ewha Womans University, Korea. After her six-year career as a sensory scientist in food industry, Dr. Hong continued on her education and received her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, USA. She worked as an assistant/associate professor of food sensory science at Kookmin University, Korea. Dr. Hong is currently an associate professor in the Dept. of Food & Nutrition at Seoul National University. She investigates the effect of sensory and cognitive factors on liking for novel foods, such as ethnic foods and functional foods.  Her current research interest focuses on the role of perceptual learning in acquisition of liking for novel foods, in relation with ideal sensory representation that serves as criteria for judging acceptance.