Senseasia 2018


Dr Jae-Hee Hong

Dr. Jae-Hee Hong, Seoul National University, Korea
Talk Title: Communicating multidimensional sensory descriptors across borders

Dr. Ciarán Forde, Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, Singapore
Talk Title: Better Living through Sensory: How Food Sensory Properties can be used to Influence Dietary Behaviours and Health

Assoc. Prof. Michael J. Hautus, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Talk Title:  Signal detection theory approaches: Advantages and opportunities

Dr. Siriporn Pipatsattayanuwong, InnoFresh Co., Ltd, Thailand
Talk Title: Using sensory science in industry: Triggers and barriers

Dr. Danielle Reed, Monell Chemical Senses Center, USA
Talk Title: Marriage of ‘big data’ and chemosensory science

Dr Sara Spinelli, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Talk Title: Emotions in sensory and consumer research: opportunities and challenges

Howard R Moskowitz, Chief Science Officer, Mind Genomics Advisors, LLC, USA
Talk Title:  Systematic designs in product design research …. Confronting the past, embracing the future