Senseasia 2018


Red Jade

Red Jade

RedJade is the only sensory software that was developed by leading experts in the sensory science field and is the only sensory software company to be based in Silicon Valley – home to the world’s leading software innovators such as Facebook, Google, Oracle, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Yahoo, HP, LinkedIn and many, many more.

The key to good sensory software development, like any software development, is making the complex look easy.  We touch a “button” on the screen of our smartphone or tablet and expect it to perform magic.  But, really, all we did was tap a piece of glass!  That’s because the complexity is behind the glass, out of the user’s way.  At RedJade, we took the same approach in developing our sensory software: we put the complexity out of your way and developed an app that does magic.  Want to create a fully balanced design block in 1 second?  Done.  Want to run penalty analysis in under one second?  Done.  Analyze data without ever jeopardizing the integrity of the dataset?  Of course.  And only RedJade’s sensory software can do any of this.