Reaxys User Day 2022

April 6, 2022

Asia Pacific / Europe: 3:45 pm - 7 pm (SGT) / 9:45 am - 1 pm (CET)

Americas / Europe: 5:45 pm - 9 pm (CET) / 11:45 am - 3pm (EST)

The Reaxys User Day is a global event where experienced scientists from around the world will share how they are finding ways to gain faster and more reliable access to the information they need—and you’re invited! It’s a unique opportunity to update yourself on the newest developments in discovery technology, and participate in breakout sessions with our expert customer consultants where you can ask questions and learn how to make the most of Reaxys.

User presentations on successful approaches to key challenges

Patent Search

Ensuring innovative research outcomes by monitoring the competitive landscape

Bioactivity data

Optimizing drug-target interactions with bioactivity and pharmacological data for effective compound design


Driving efficiencies in synthetic chemistry with AI-enhanced technology

Delivering insights that fuel research

In today’s highly competitive commercial environment, data fuels success at every stage of a project. The User Day includes breakout sessions, led by our expert customer consultants, that address topics like how to identify emerging competitors, assess bioactivity of compounds, obtain and customise retrosynthesis routes and much more.

Researchers need comprehensive, relevant substance and reaction data at their fingertips, and you’ll learn how Reaxys is helping deliver this. In addition, we’ll feature presentations by recognized experts from academia and the Pharma industry to discuss hot topics such as AI-enabled drug discovery.

With its combination of formal presentations, live Q&A and plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas with peers, the User Day is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons, and network while gaining practical information you can put to use immediately.

Why should you attend?

  • The agenda includes case study presentations based on experience of scientists
  • Get inspired by your peers who will share their learnings to give you fresh insights and ideas
  • Meet the Reaxys team, learn what we have planned for 2022 and attend training sessions tailored to answer questions around popular use cases, hosted by solution experts
  • Great networking opportunity - meet chemists from around the world
  • Learning best practices from other users/customers - get tips and tricks to streamline your Reaxys experience