Plant Genome Evolution 2017


Plenary speaker

Edward S. BucklerUSDA-ARS at Cornell University, USA
Presentation title: Breeding 4.0? Using evolution to sort through the functional variation of crops

Keynote speakers:

Z. Jeffrey Chen, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Presentation title: Genomic and epigenomic insights into the evolution and function of plant polyploids and hybrids

Katrina M. Dlugosch, The University of Arizona, USA
Presentation title: The ecological genomics of species invasions

Patrick EdgerMichigan State University, USA
Presentation title: Subgenome dominance in interspecific hybrids and allopolyploids

Toni Gabaldon EstevanCentre for Genomic Regulation, Spain
Presentation title: Phylogenomics of the olive tree (Olea europaea) disentangles ancient allo- and autopolyploidizations in Lamiales

Claudia Köhler, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Presentation title: Epigenetic mechanisms driving plant speciation

Ute Kraemer, RUHR University Bochum, Germany
Presentation title: What do we know about the genomic basis of heavy metal hyperaccumulation in plants?

Terezie MandakovaMasaryk University, Czech Republic
Presentation title: The role of mesopolyploid events and post-polyploid diploidization in genome evolution of Brassicaceae

Blake Meyers, University of Missouri, USA
Presentation title: The evolution and diversity of plant phasiRNAs and their microRNA triggers

Eshchar Mizrachi, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Presentation title: The evolution of genes and networks involved in secondary growth

Polina Novikova, Ghent University/VIB, Belgium
Talk title: Non-bifurcating speciation and association of polyploidy with environmental changes in the Arabidopsis genus

Stefan A. Rensing, University of Marburg, Germany
Presentation title: Inferring the early evolution of plant complexity from genome sequences

Bob Schmitz, University of Georgia, USA
Presentation title: Diversity and evolution of DNA methylation in plants

James SchnableUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Presentation title: The grasses as a single genomic system: conserved and lineage-specific gene regulation

Pamela S. SoltisFlorida Museum of Natural History, USA
Presentation title: Whole-genome duplication and plant evolution