The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2017

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Ulf Dieckmann

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria

Presentation Title: Modeling eco-evolutionary dynamics: Bridging between theories and applications
Ulf Dieckmann is the director of the Evolution and Ecology Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg, Austria.

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Brian Fath

Towson University, USA

Presentation Title: Application of systems thinking and ecological models to reduce environmental fragmentation
Brian D. Fath is Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Towson University (Maryland, USA) and Research Scholar within the Advanced Systems Analysis Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Laxenburg, Austria).  He teaches courses in ecosystem ecology, environmental biology, networks, and human ecology and sustainability.

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Prof. Yoh Iwasa

Kyushu University, Japan

Presentation Title: Coupled social-economic and ecological dynamics: examples from lake water eutrophication, Mongolian rangeland, and illegal logging of tropical forests
I received PhD from Kyoto University (Theoretical Biophysics) in 1980. After doing postdoc at Stanford and Cornell, I joined the faculty of Department of Biology, Kyushu University in 1985.

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Prof. Xi Ji

Peking University, China

Presentation Title: The optimal scale of global economy under the ecological constraints: the role of market and technology
Xi Ji is Associate Professor at Peking University, School of Economics, the Vice Director of Department of Development Economics. She holds a Ph.D from Peking University.

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Prof. Deok-Sun Lee

Inha University, Republic of Korea

Presentation Title: Structure and species abundance of the mutualistic networks under interspecific competition
Deok-Sun Lee is an associate professor of physics at Inha University in Korea. He received Ph.D. degree from Seoul National University in 2003 with his study on the statistics of fluctuating interfaces.

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Prof. Axel Timmermann

Pusan National University, Republic of Korea

Presentation Title: The astronomical theory of human migration
Axel Timmermann conducted his PhD research at the Max Planck Institute of Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany and received his PhD in Meteorology in 1999 from the University of Hamburg. After 2 years as a postdoc in the Netherlands and 3 years as research team leader at the IfM-GEOMAR/University of Kiel, Germany, he moved to the University of Hawaii to work first as an associate professor and then from 2009- 2016 as a full professor at the International Pacific Research Center and the Department of Oceanography

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