The deadline for submitting your symposium proposals has now passed.

We would like to invite participants to organize symposiums at The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2019.

We welcome proposals from the list of Conference Topics below and also welcome suggestions for new symposiums topics.

Please download the form below to submit your Symposium Proposal by 22 February 2019.

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Deadline: 22 February 2019

Conference Topics:

  • Individual-based modelling
  • Spatial Simulation
  • Movement ecology
  • Dynamic energy budgets
  • Models and (big) data
  • Network modelling
  • Software and tools
  • Model integration, metamodels

Model application areas and General topics

  • Socio-ecological systems
  • Global, climate and land-use change
  • Sustainability
  • Resilience
  • Ecosystem services
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Community models
  • Marine ecology and fisheries
  • Forests
  • Freshwater Systems (lakes and rivers)