Network Analysis Workshop ISEM 2019, Salzburg, Austria

Course Facilitators: Brian Fath, Ursula Scharler, Stuart Borrett, Caner Kazanci

Network analysis as a tool in systems research is an immensely growing field. Many of the analyses types are based on foundations accumulated over the past decades, and new approaches are continuously emerging in the different fields. We aim to provide course participants with several aspects and hands-on experience of network analyses as applied to ecosystems and socio-economic systems.

Date: 1 October 2019              

Venue: Salzburg Congress Centre






Network construction demo and hands on




enaR and EcoNet – demo and hands on





Layout of Course:

  1. Broad introduction to networks:
    1. Structural and functional aspects of systems
    2. Ecological network analysis (ENA) indicators of system structure and function
  2. Network construction (Hands-on)
    1. Data requirements for networks
    2. Network construction methods
    3. Constructing plausible networks using Linear Inverse Modelling and R
  3. Network analyses in R (R package enaR) and EcoNet (Hands-on)
    1. Data formats of networks for enaR
    2. How to work enaR
    3. EcoNet (web application)
  4. Networks applied to socio-ecological systems.
    1. Invasive species
    2. Urban Metabolism
    3. Food energy water nexus
    4. Regenerative economics
  5. Course participants are required to have some working knowledge of R. There will be hands-on assistance during the practical parts of the course.

    Reading material providing a basic introduction to networks, and literature referred to during the course is provided here.

    The cost to attend the workshop is: €75 + 20% Austrian VAT

    Please book via the online registration system.