Editor Speed Review Sessions

Friday, October 4, 12:45-1:45

The abstract and the title are two key components that editors assess to decide whether a paper should be rejected or reviewed. Do you have a paper, or are you planning one, for submission to Ecological Modelling? We would be happy to give you some editorial advice! Four editors from the journal (Brian Fath, Juan A. Blanco, William (Bill) Grant, and Hsiao-Hsuan (Rose) Wang) will be available for one on one sessions with early career researchers (and others!). They will be providing feedback on what you send, both for suitability for Ecological Modelling as well as general pointers to give your paper’s “first impression” the most impact.

  • Book a 10 minute slot with Ecological Modelling editor
  • Come to the room at your allotted time
  • Bring two copies of the information (below) for discussion.

To book your 10 minute slot, please email Danielle Descoteaux (d.descoteaux@elsevier.com) the following information:

  • Name:
  • Affiliation:
  • Title (if student, what year):
  • Tentative paper title:
  • Abstract:
  • Three keywords for area of research (if available):
  • 1st and 2nd time choice selected from below:

    12:45 - 12:55
    12:55 - 01:05
    01:05 - 01:15
    01;15 - 01:25
    01:25 - 01:35
    01:35 - 01:45