Digital Commons is pleased to announce the inaugural International Diamond Open Access Journals Conference, taking place virtually 13-15 April 2021.

Featured Speakers include:

In recent years, the Diamond OA model has opened space for emerging research, innovative formats, and diverse voices. Spurred by significant shifts in the global research and publishing landscapes, this model is often used at the university, national, or societal level and provides a compelling entry point to internationalization for journals publishing in local languages, on regional issues, or non-STM disciplines.

The conference brings together multiple global perspectives to explore critical topics in Diamond Open Access publishing:

  • Growing and measuring your journal's impact
  • How institutions are using Diamond OA Journals to enhance their global reputation
  • New tools to jump start your journals’ success

Do you lead a journal or journals program for your institution or society? Join editors, university publishers, industry experts and thought leaders to expand your networks, learn about the latest trends in open access publishing, and take away actionable strategies for increasing the global visibility of your journals.

Conference highlights

  • Keynotes from Digital Commons, SciELO, Cell Press and more
  • Workshops on Scopus indexing, DOAJ indexing, and strategies for internationalization
  • "Editor Insights” sessions on journal improvement, promotion, staffing and workflows, and more

See event agenda

Conference organizers

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