BioNavis Ltd Bionavis profile

BioNavis is a Finnish manufacturer of SPR Navi™ research instruments that provide high-content information about events at the surface. Our instruments are based on Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) that allows to:

  • Measure pure kinetics without bulk effect
  • Optimize assays from small organic molecules up to metallic nanoparticles
  • Design sensors for gas and liquid samples (purified or crude)
  • Avoid costly assay transfer - develop your sensor directly on your sensing material: metals for EC detection, plastics for ELISA or microfluidic POC, cellulose for paper-based sensors, metal nanoparticles, living cells,..
  • Validate with another method in situ - combine MP-SPR with electrochemical or fluorescence measurements
  • Understand better your assay with kinetics and structural information from MP-SPR