ICEFA 2018

Reviewers workshop

To be held at ICEFA 2018: Tuesday 10 July 2018 | 09:20-10:40

Peer review is an established process that places the reviewer at the heart of scientific publishing. The process of peer review relies upon researchers actively giving their time to review articles. Reviewers - who are also readers and authors - enable the process to work through critically examining and commenting on manuscripts in a fair and unbiased manner to ultimately improve the work before publication. Reviewers are the backbone of the peer review process. The goal of this workshop is to provide an outline of reviewer's role in the peer review process, the important steps to follow when reviewing a manuscript, and what is considered as a good review by an editor. Anyone who is interested to know more about peer review is encouraged to attend this workshop, and we especially welcome young researchers to participate and communicate directly with the Publisher and Editor of Engineering Failure Analysis.

Jing Zhang, Publisher, Elsevier
Jing Zhang is Publisher with Elsevier, managing a portfolio of 15 academic journals in Solid Mechanics, Engineering. Main Responsibilities include delivering the strategy and objectives for the maintenance, development and growth of the portfolio, working closely with academic community, communicating and networking with Editors, authors, reviewers and researchers. Jing also manages 2 Elsevier conferences and collaborates widely with various local and global societies in mechanics.

Richard Clegg, Editor, Engineering Failure Analysis 
Richard Clegg is Editor-in-Chief of Engineering Failure Analysis, a role he has had for eight years. In his time as Editor-in-Chief, Engineering Failure Analysis has seen a significant increase in journal metrics such as Impact Factor, due in part to the role reviewers play in improving the quality of papers.  As well as managing the review process for the journal, he regularly acts as a reviewer for other journals. Outside of his role with the journal, Dr. Clegg is a professional engineering failure analyst and is an Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology in Australia.