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Committee 2017

Conference chairs

Benjamin K. Sovacool

University of Sussex, UK

Benjamin K. Sovacool is Professor of Energy Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the School of Business, Management, and Economics, part of the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

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Scott Valentine

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Dr. Scott Valentine is an Associate Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. He was formerly founding Associate Director of the International Masters of Public Policy Program at the Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo and Director of the Campus Asia program.

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Theme leads

Philip Andrews-Speed

National University of Singapore

Philip Andrews-Speed is Principal Fellow & Head of the Energy Security Division, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore. He has 35 years in the field of energy and resources, starting his career as a mineral and oil exploration geologist before moving into the field of energy and resource governance. Until 2010 he was Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Dundee and Director of the Centre of Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy.

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Kathleen Araújo

Stony Brook University, USA

Dr. Kathleen Araújo specializes in strategic decision-making and management pertaining to energy-environmental systems change. She conducts research on aspects of sustainability, safety, security, and industrial development. More specifically, her work examines ways to socio-technically advance through innovation ecosystems and the resilience of critical infrastructure.

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Marilyn Brown

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Marilyn A. Brown is the Brook Byers Professor of Sustainable Systems at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she is Director of the Climate and Energy Policy Lab and a Presidential appointee to the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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Patrick Devine-Wright

University of Exeter, UK

Patrick Devine-Wright is a Professor in Human Geography at the University of Exeter.

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Andreas Goldthau

Central European University, Hungary

Dr Andreas Goldthau is Professor of Public Policy at Central European University; Associate with the Geopolitics of Energy Project at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; and Fellow with the Global Public Policy Institute.

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Chris Hebdon

Yale University

Chris Hebdon is a fourth year doctoral student in the program in Anthropology & Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University

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Raphael Heffron

Queen Mary University of London, UK

Raphael Heffron is a Senior Lecturer in Energy and Natural Resources Law at the Energy and Natural Resources Law Institute at Queen Mary University of London. Raphael's research interests are in energy, environmental and planning law and policy. His research perspective is through law and economics and he focuses in particular on: energy infrastructure development, electricity markets, energy subsidies, energy liability, the EIA process, and energy justice.

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Florian Kern

University of Sussex, UK

Dr Florian Kern is Co-Director of the Sussex Energy Group and a senior lecturer at Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex, UK. Dr Kern has more than ten years of experience in research, consulting and teaching in the area of energy, climate and innovation policy as well as socio-technical transitions.

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Lucie Middlemiss

University of Leeds, UK

Dr Lucie Middlemiss is a lecturer in sustainability in the Sustainability Research Institute at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK.

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Linda Steg

University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Linda Steg is professor in environmental psychology at the University of Groningen. She studies factors influencing environmental behaviour, including energy use, and the effects and acceptability of strategies promoting pro-environmental behaviour and a sustainable energy transition.

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Erika Weinthal

Duke University, USA

Erika Weinthal is the Lee Hill Snowdon Professor of Environmental Policy and the Associate Dean for International Programs at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University.

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Harold Wilhite

University of Oslo, Norway

Harold Wilhite is a Professor of Social Anthropology and Research Director at the University of Oslo’s Centre for Development and Environment.

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