ICoBT 2018


Anton Paar TriTec

Anton Paar TriTec offers a wide range of instruments and testing methods for characterization of surface mechanical properties including indentation testers, scratch testers and tribometers. Optical microscope as well as an AFM complete the range of instruments for a complete micro- and nanomechanical characterization of many samples.

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Ducom Instruments

Ducom Instruments is a designer and manufacturer of scientific instruments for materials characterization. Its products are used all over the world by researchers as well as industrial quality assessment departments for their reliability and ease of use. For nearly 40 years, Ducom has provided instrumentation and laboratory testing and sales support to users seeking to understand and quantify wear, friction and lubrication.

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PCS Instruments

PCS Instruments are leaders in tribology test equipment and have been supplying to the bio-tribology industries including personal care, food and beverage and bio-medical markets for over 15 years. They are continually adapting their instruments to fit the needs of experts in these fields and in 2018 PCS will launch the Bio-Analysis Machine (BAM) - their first instrument designed solely for the bio-tribology industries.

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