Invited Speaker

Franklin Feng Tao, The University of Kansas, USA

Feng Tao Franklin (Feng) Tao is a tenured Miller associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering and chemistry at Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and Department of Chemistry at University of Kansas. He received his PhD from Steven L. Bernasek at Princeton University with a following postdoc research at University of California-Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Somorjai group. He leads a group with interests in heterogeneous catalysis for chemical transformations of small hydrocarbons to chemical and fuel feedstocks and for environmental remediation, application of catalysis to energy transformation, synthesis and catalysis of single site metal and oxide catalysts, development of in-situ and operando characterization instruments/techniques for studies of catalyst surfaces during catalysis. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed articles. He is an elected Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry in 2014.