Plenary Speaker

Pascal Scherz, Researcher for Subitec GmbH, Germany

Pascal Scherz

Pascal is 25 years old and did his bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy at the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany. Afterwards, he graduated with a double master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems/ Energy Technology at the Technical University of Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden and the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany. His scientific works were based on the utilization of thermoelectrical effects in aviation as well as the co-combustion of waste in aluminum smelting plants. After working for a short time in the automotive industry, he realigned his focus towards sustainable technologies.

Currently, he is doing his PhD at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart in cooperation with Subitec GmbH in the field of fluid dynamics in and artificial lighting of the flat-panel airlift photobioreactor (FPA-PBR) with respect to the cultivation of phototrophic organisms (microalgae and cyanobacteria).