Rene Wijffels, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Rene WijffelsRene Wijffels is professor and chairholder and scientific director of AlgaePARC at Wageningen University, Bioprocess Engineering, the Netherlands and visiting Professor at Nord university, Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Bodø, Norway

Our research area encompasses everything between substrate (eg. light, CO2, sugar, lignocellulose) and product (food, pharmaceuticals, fuels, platform chemicals). That includes pretreatment of substrates, bioconversion and downstream processing, all from lab to pilot scale. Drivers are high quality products and high efficiency conversions with high volumetric productivity. Within the chair group Bioprocess Engineering there are 4 research themes: microbial biotechnology, algal biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology and biorefinery.

He has 239 publications in international refereed scientific journals according to WoS and a H-index: 44

Five key publications:

  • Wijffels R.H., Barbosa M.J. (2010) An outlook on microalgal biofuels. Science 329: 796-799
  • Ruiz J., Olivieri G., de Vre J., Bosma R., Willems P., Reith J.H., Eppink M.H.M., Kleinegris D.M.M., Wijffels R.H., Barbosa M.J. (2016) Towards industrial products from microalgae. Energy & Environmental Science DOI: 10.1039/c6ee01493c
  • Thomassen Y.E., van ’t Oever A.G., van Oijen M.G.C.T. , Wijffels R.H.,  van der Pol L.A., Bakker W.A.M.  (2013) Next Generation Inactivated Polio Vaccine Manufacturing to Support Post Polio-Eradication Biosafety Goals. PLoS ONE 8 (12): e83374
  • Van de Waterbeemd B., Zomer G., Kaaijk P., Ruiterkamp N., Wijffels R.H., van den Dobbelsteen G.P.J.M., van der Pol L.A. (2013) Improved production process for native outer membrane vesicle vaccine against Neisseria meningitidis. Plos One 8 (5) e65157: 1-11
  • Wijffels R.H., Kruse O., Hellingwerf K.J. (2013) Potential of industrial biotechnology with cyanobacteria and eukaryotic microalgae. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 24:405–413