Scientific Committee/Speaker

Luis Herrera-Estrella, Langebio Cinvestav, Mexico

Luis Herrera-Estrella

Dr. Luis Herrera-Estrella is currently Director of the National Laboratory of Genomic for Biodiversity in Mexico. He made important contributions to the development of gene transfer methods for plant cells and the study of the signaling mechanisms that regulate adaptive responses to environmental stress in plants. He published the first report showing the successful transfer and expression of a bacterial gene in plant cells and led the groups sequencing the genomes of plant species economically important for Mexico, such as the maize, chili papers and avocado. More recently he developed a system to metabolically engineer plants and algae that are able to outcompete weedy species under field and open pond condition

Dr. Herrera-Estrella published was elected in 2003 foreign member of the US National Academy of Sciences and named as one of the 100 most influential biotechnologists in the world by Scientific American.