Scientific Committee/Speaker

Arum Han, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering & Dept. Biomedical Engineering Texas A&M University, USA

Arun Han

Dr. Arum Han is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University (USA). He has pioneered the area of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems for microbial bioenergy systems, especially for algal biofuel, and have been developed series of high-throughput screening microfluidic systems that can screen for algal cells with high productivity as well as rapidly screening and identifying optimum culture conditions for highest productivity. He is currently leading the National Science Foundation (NSF) supported Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) grant on Photosynthetic Biorefinery. He is the Presidential Impact Fellow of the Texas A&M University (2017).