Innovations in Food Packaging, Shelf Life and Food Safety Conference


Ldiamon AS


Ldiamon AS (Tartu Science Park, Estonia) is a research and development company specialising in optical sensors and measurement equipment development and manufacturing. The company’s main products are online sensors for medicine and environmental monitoring, utilising UV-light for absorbance and fluorescence measurements. We have our own development, testing and production facilities and a certified quality management system (according to ISO 13485). The elaboration and design of new methods and instruments for food quality control are currently under development.

We can help you to analyse and improve your existing system or create, design, implement and manufacture a completely new unique product based only on your ideas and concepts. Our team is diverse: we have electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, and clinical research and regulatory affairs specialists, who are able to design, construct, test, evaluate, prepare for production, and manufacture mechanical and electronic devices of any complexity.

Our production facility is equipped with most advanced equipment for assembling electronics and optics, as well as testing medical-grade devices and some others. In addition to our own manufacturing capacities, we have developed relations with a vast variety of subcontractors able to meet virtually any customer requirement.