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Food Structure

Food Structure is the premier international forum devoted to the publication of high-quality original research on food structure. In its first year (2014), articles published were downloaded over 12,000 times. The focus of this journal is on food structure in the context of its relationship with molecular composition, processing and macroscopic properties (e.g., shelf stability, sensory properties, etc.). Manuscripts that only report qualitative findings and micrographs and that lack sound hypothesis-driven, quantitative structure-function research will not be accepted. Significance of the research findings for the food science community and/or industry must also be highlighted. Original research articles as well as review articles as they relate to food structure and functionality are welcomed. The key areas of interest include:

  1. Food product and ingredient design with programd functionality
  2. Food physical chemistry and materials science
  3. Computer simulation and mathematical modeling of food structures
  4. Sensory properties and oral processing of foods
  5. Novel microscopy, analysis and characterization techniques

Food Structure is an e-only journal (no print) that capitalizes on the use of animation in the form of 'movies', time series and dynamic visualization of food structures (e.g., 3D protein gels or fat crystal networks) from multiple angles - a first for any food-related journal.

Food Structure

The International Dairy Journal publishes significant advancements in dairy science and technology, communicating quality, hypothesis-based research and critical reviews that are of relevance to the broader international dairy community. Within this scope, research on the science and technology of milk and dairy products and the nutritional and health aspects of dairy foods are included; the journal pays particular attention to applied research and its interface with the dairy industry.

International Dairy Journal does not publish papers related to milk production, animal health and other aspects of on-farm milk production unless there is a clear relationship to dairy technology, human health or final product quality.