5th Food Structure and Functionality Symposium
Structuring Foods for a Sustainable World

18-21 September 2022, Clayton Hotel Cork City, Cork, Ireland

Join us in Bruges for the 6th Food Structure and Functionality Symposium from 6-9 October 2024


Winner of the 2022 Dr Isaac Heertje Distinguished Scientist Award
Professor Alan Mackie, University of Leeds, UK


Winner of the Young Scientist Award, 2022
Fabio Valoppi, University of Helsinki, Finland

Fabio Valoppi will give the Young Scientist Award lecture, “Towards a new generation of oleogels: formulation and technological developments”

The judges were particularly impressed with Fabio’s ambition, productivity, creativity, and innovation. In particular, his great awareness of the importance of multidisciplinary integration; his ability to create required methods and instrumentation; and how he progresses from an idea through R&D to application.

Poster Award Winners

  • Konstantinos Korompokis, KU Leuven, Belgium - Novel enzymatic starch modification for tailoring its digestibility: an in vitro and in vivo study
  • Irene Wainaina, KU Leuven, Belgium - Kinetics of phytate hydrolysis in stored red kidney beans and the implication in hard-to-cook development
  • Daniela Freitas, Teagasc Food Research Centre , Ireland - Boiling vs baking: cooking methods influence cell wall integrity and the digestion of starch and protein from white and sweet potatoes in vitro
  • Isabel Kalinke, Technical University of Munich, Germany - Innovative solid-state microwave technology for the product-friendly and energy-efficient heating and drying of complex food products

The Food Structure and Functionality Forum (FSFF) is pleased to announce the 5th Food Structure and Functionality Symposium: Structuring Foods for a Sustainable World, which will be held in Cork, Ireland from the 18-21 September 2022.

The symposium will bring together renowned speakers from academia and industry – those at the forefront of cutting-edge food science and technology.

Presentations will describe developments in food structure design and functionality that confront the challenges of a rapidly-changing world.

Aligned with the conference theme, contributions are invited in the areas of macro-molecular interactions in complex food systems, structure-function relationships, food materials science, alternative proteins, oral processing, digestion, advanced visualisation, novel imaging techniques and much more.

Conference topics:

  • Innovations in sustainable food processing
  • Pushing the envelope - new techniques & approaches
  • Ingredient up-cycling and food waste reduction
  • Designing food structures for human health
  • Shaping the proteins of tomorrow

Before travelling to the conference, please familiarise yourself with the Covid-19 requirements for Ireland which Elsevier will be following. The current country guidelines can be found here: COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland (citizensinformation.ie) and travel information Travelling to Ireland during COVID-19 (citizensinformation.ie)

We still request that anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or is under any self-quarantine orders does not attend the conference.

Previous delegates have said:

“Highly relevant scope and attendance of world class researchers.”

“Comprehensive, well organized with internationally-recognised experts.”

“I learnt a lot from the sessions and gained valuable information about food structure analysis related to my research.”

“Very well organised, very good sponsors, excellent presentations and amazing topics about food science.”

“High scientific level talks, informative and engaging.”

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