Biometrics 2016


Ray Kimble, Strategic Partner, GSMA, UK

Ray Kimble

Ray Kimble is the President of Kimble and Associates and works with multiple clients around the world to address technology challenges and drive social change. Such projects include spearheading the use of DNA evidence and biometrics within crime laboratories and the first responder community, to working with DARPA on warfighter technologies, to focusing on today’s identity management issue. From working with the public and private sectors to developing cooperative strategies to helping clients understand how best to use technology to impact social change, Ray blends his technology expertise with a passion for building strategic partnerships and bringing sound, efficient leadership to address many of today’s important issues – healthcare, education, family identity and mobility.

Ray is also a Senior Advisor with the GSMA’s Personal Data Program and Mobile for Development Program, who represent the interests of mobile operators worldwide. The GSMA Mobile for Development program brings together mobile operator members, the wider mobile industry and the development community to deliver mobile services to underserved people in predominantly emerging markets.