Biometrics 2016


Gregory Henwood, Director, Biometrics Institute and OASys-R Project Director, NOMIS Programme, UK Home Office - Ministry of Justice, UK

Gregory Henwood

Gregory Henwood has 26 years in the IT arena, and is a seasoned campaigner for the secure use of biometrics in the industry. He has worked in both the private sector and the public sector, with recent positions at the Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom Border Agency, Gatwick Airport. With involvement in such programmes as the Identity cards for Foreign nationals (ICFN), UKBA stateless persons passport, Automated Border Gates, Public Key Infrastructure for second-generation documents, and the Single point of contact (SPOC) system for use by the EU member states. He has been a strategic visionary in this field of identity and has been able to apply the theories of identity to real world delivery.