Biometrics 2016


Mark Branchflower, Head of Unit, Fingerprint Unit, Police Forensics Sub-Directorate, INTERPOL General Secretariat, France

Mark Branchflower

Mr Branchflower joined New Scotland Yard fingerprint branch in England in 1984 as a trainee fingerprint officer. After qualifying as a fingerprint expert in 1989 he left the UK and in 1990 became a fingerprint officer with INTERPOL at its headquarters in Lyon France. Since 1990 he has participated in many INTERPOL European and International working groups on fingerprint standards, AFIS, training, disaster victim Identification and DNA. Currently as Head of the Fingerprint Unit his main duties are the organisation of INTERPOL fingerprint AFIS services, organisation of meetings and conferences and Identification projects. Currently Mr Branchflower is involved in several projects concerning the exchange of fingerprint information between Interpol member countries, increasing the use of INTERPOL AFIS services and developing the new Facial identification service.